Agent Registration

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Thank you for your interest in our Clarkston Woods Community! We know that Realtor® cooperation is important part of our success, and we thank you for introducing your client to the Clarkston Woods Community.

It is our desire to develop a long term, successful relationship with you – one that is built of trust and understanding. We ask that this form be completed by the Realtor® for any prospective purchasers you are working with. Please provide one form for each of your clients that may be considering our community. The protection period remains in effect for thirty (30) days from the date below and is renewable upon written agreement. Please review the policies below and sign the form indicating your acceptance of terms protecting you and your prospective purchaser.

MLC Building will provide prospective purchaser protection for cooperating brokers who meet the following criteria:

  1. Completion of this form with all proper signatures and dates.
  2. Submission of this form to our designated sales representative.
  3. Your prospective purchaser MUST complete a visitor registration form at their FIRST visit to Clarkston Woods or our website notifying us they are working with you.
  4. Brokers or their licensed agents who are interested in personally purchasing a Clarkston Woods home MUST adhere to these same policies and make their intentions clearly known by registering as a licensee upon their first visit to the Clarkston Woods Community or to the Clarkston Woods website.
  5. If your prospective purchaser has registered on their own at Clarkston Woods Community or website, you WILL NOT be eligible for compensation under this agreement. This includes anyone who will be party to the purchase of a home in Clarkston Woods.
  6. Any disputes regarding the above policy will be handled exclusively by MLC Builder. Sale representative will NOT be able to independently remedy the dispute. All dispute resolution inquiries must be made in writing and signed by the complaining party. The builder will contact the party directly.

Agent Registration

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